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Site Approval

"The site approval process was transformative for our practice."

Site approval is a quality assurance activity that provides practices with expertise, support and guidance to strengthen Centering. It is official recognition that a Centering site has met the standards that are specific to the model and its 13 essential elements. Overwhelming feedback is that this is an extremely useful experience that adds value to the practice.

Connecting membership to site approval is a way to provide confidence to patients, providers, researchers, payers and policy makers about the clinical practice site that describes its care model as Centering. CHI can only attest to the integrity of Centering practice sites that have earned approved status or are working on model implementation with site approval as a goal. Sites that are approved or working toward site approval are eligible for CHI membership.

What site approval means to sites:

  • Model Fidelity Site approval means that you have demonstrated fidelity to the Centering model of care and assures quality to your clients and your providers.

  • Research Studies conducted on Centering programs are valid only when conducted on programs that are credentialed as implementing the Centering model of care. Approved sites are eligible to contribute to CHI's minimal data set which will facilitate your data collection and give your site a basis for comparison nationally.

  • Eligibility for Payment As the Centering model of care is implemented in an increasing number of settings and across the life cycle, third-party payment sources may require site approval for eligibility for payment or offer enhanced reimbursement to approved sites.

  • Quality Assurance Your site visitor will provide unbiased assessment, invaluable technical assistance, and authoritative recommendations that will strengthen your program's QA and support its sustainability.

  • Competitive Edge In an increasingly consumer-driven health care environment, consumers requesting the Centering model of care will need validation that their care is, indeed, the Centering model. Site approval will give sites a competitive edge over neighboring sites that are not approved. Approved sites are given a link to their own website on the CHI website.

  • Added Value When implemented as designed, Centering model of care offers economies of scale, client satisfaction, provider satisfaction and other benefits that result in economic incentives for agency administrators and funders.

  • Continued Approval Site approval is valid for one year with continuing approval granted annually thereafter for sites that maintain membership and submit a continuing approval report.


What's involved?


What sites are saying about site approval


What's involved?

The site approval process

  1. The practice site indicates readiness for site approval to CHI and submits required self-assessment materials. A site visit is scheduled with a CHI consultant.
  2. The site visit will cover:

    • Observation of a Centering group session
    • Meetings with providers, staff and other stakeholders
    • Review of documents and evaluation tools.
    • Consultation and technical assistance.
  3. The practice site receives conditional or final approval based on demonstration that they are meeting the standards for model fidelity, evaluation and sustainability.

Continued approval

Site approval is valid for one year with continuing approval granted annually thereafter for sites that maintain membership and submit a continuing approval report.

Timeline and cost

The site approval self-assessment work takes six to eight weeks to complete. The final report from the consultant is generally available within three weeks of the site visit. The cost for site approval is $7,000, if not already included in a two-year model implementation plan. Multi-site practices interested in site approval please call CHI for a quote.


What sites are saying about site approval

"It was, overall, an extremely useful process… helped us clarify goals for moving forward and was great for group to come together and hear an outsider's perspective on our program."

"The site visit was a tremendous opportunity for us to improve our program. The time spent… was enlightening and very beneficial to the creativity and longevity of this program."

"Our Site Approval visit helped us make our Centering program run better and we have much better team work from the process."

"The Site Approval process pulled our staff together as a provider group… sense of cooperation was new for us and quite valuable."

"The site visit was very helpful in shoring up the quality of our Centering program."

"We received a lot of good feedback, information and support for strengthening our program that was really helpful!"

"This was a very useful process for quality improvement."

"The report has helped to give us focus for our next steps."

"The Site Approval process was exactly what our Centering program needed because it highlighted areas needing improvement and brought us together around common issues."

"Your site visitor was wonderful! She pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of our Centering program. I wish she had visited us six months sooner! It was a wonderful learning experience!"