Cer­ti­fied Cen­ter­ing Facil­i­ta­tor Train­er (CCFT)

CCFT is intended for highly experienced and successful Centering facilitators, who have previously achieved CCF status. It requires completion of individual milestones and a commitment from their institution. CCFTs can lead in-house trainings at their Accredited site.

Individual Requirements

  • Achieved CCF status
  • Minimum of 180 session hours of Centering group facilitation
  • Online application
  • Signed endorsement from sponsoring practice site
  • Participate in virtual demonstration led by CHI staff
  • Successfully complete three day CCFT workshop

Sponsoring Site Requirements

  • Current (active) Centering license
  • Achieved CHI Accreditation status
  • Current CCFT (In-House Training) license agreement


Non-Refundable Application Fee of $25

While not a cost to the individual applicant, the sponsoring Centering practice site is required to purchase an In-House training license in order to conduct their own workshops. The CCFT training license fee is $8,000 annually (2020) and the cost to attend the three day CCFT Workshop is $1,995 (per registration).

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