CHI Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion: Recog­ni­tion for Cen­ter­ing Facilitators

A Professional Credential

Certification acknowledges facilitators as Centering experts for their patients and within their organizations. It serves as a quality measure that supports Centering practices with model fidelity, expansion and sustainability. When facilitators achieve this recognition it reinforces the practice's commitment to the high quality evidence-based Centering model of group care. Available and open to anyone facilitating Centering groups at a site - clinical and non-clinical staff - CHI offers two levels of certification.

Certified Centering Facilitator (CCF)

Becoming a CCF adds credibility and authority for facilitators as Centering experts and offers a professional certification to their resume. Affordable and achievable for facilitators of all levels, this credential is a recognition of advanced facilitation skills and personal investment in Centering.


  • Recognition
  • Empowerment
  • Affiliation with highly experienced group of Centering facilitators
  • Professional Satisfaction


CCF Requirements:

  • Centering Facilitation Workshop
  • Advanced Facilitation Workshop (within 3 years prior of application date)*
  • Minimum of 80 session hours of Centering group facilitation
  • Online CCF application
  • One signed endorsement from colleagues or patients familiar with their facilitation skills
  • Successfully complete an online exam


$149.00, (includes upfront non-refundable $25 application fee) and is valid for three years.

All requirements must be completed within 3 months of submitting online application. If deadline is not met, application is considered incomplete and CCF candidate will need to submit a new application with accompanying $25 fee.

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