Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion — Fre­quent­ly Asked Questions


Is there a time limit on when facilitation hours are accrued for certification requirements?

No. There is no time limit on when the applicant completes the required session hours facilitating Centering groups.

Are application documents online or do they need to be mailed?

Every step of the process is online, including the application, affidavit and exam.

How long do I have to complete the CCF application process?

A candidate has 3 months to complete all requirements from the date of submitting their online application. If deadline is not met, the application is considered incomplete. The CCF candidate will need to submit a new application with accompanying $25 fee.   

How long will it take for my certification application to be approved?

Your application will be approved within two weeks after every component of the requirements has been fulfilled.

Are CEU's awarded with these Certifications?

No, there are no additional CEUs attached to the application process for Certification. CEUs and CMEs are provided for successful completion of the Basic Facilitation, Advanced Facilitation and the CCFT Workshops.

How do I access my certification exam?

The CCF exam is available online. A link to complete payment and access the exam will be emailed to you.

I have taken my Advanced Workshop outside of the 3-year requirement. Would it still count?

To ensure that candidates have the most up-to-date content, knowledge of CHI offerings and facilitation techniques, we require that individuals attend the Advanced Facilitation Workshop within 3 years of their application.

Accommodations will be made for those who have taken it outside of this window, to attend an Advanced Facilitation Workshop. There are no time restrictions for the other requirements.

How long must you have your certification before obtaining the CCFT?

There is no time restriction as long as all of the CCFT requirements have been met.

Will In-house Trainers who have successfully completed their training prior to 2018 need to apply for the CCFT?

As long as the site has met all of the CCFT requirements, In-House trainers who completed their training, prior to the initiation of the Certification program, will automatically receive CCFT status. Participants in U.S. Army CCFT Workshops will also receive CCFT status. Everyone who is granted CCFT status will be required to complete the renewal process at the end of three years.

I have more questions about the process. Who at CHI can I talk to?

Please email Kennedy Comfort at kcomfort@centeringhealthcare.org


What is the CCF fee schedule?

The cost is priced to be accessible at $149.00. Included in this cost is a non-refundable $25.00 application fee. The balance ($124.00) is due once all of the requirements have been met.

What is the CCFT fee schedule?

The non-refundable application fee is $25.00. Once the application and required documents are received, the institution is sent an invoice for payment which includes a $1,995 fee for the three day CCFT workshop and a $8,000 fee, billed annually, for the institution to be able to conduct in-house trainings.

Is there a renewal fee once certified?

The initial Certification is valid for three years. Fees and re-certification will be required to renew both the CCF and CCFT recognitions.

How do I pay for my certification exam?

Payment is made online by credit card. No checks or purchase orders.

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