Ohio Gov­er­nor and Depart­ment of Med­ic­aid Sup­port Increased Access to Cen­ter­ing­Preg­nan­cy® in 2022 

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM), in partnership with Governor DeWine’s Children’s Initiative, is supporting an increase in access to CenteringPregnancy® evidence-based group prenatal care for Ohio families. The goal of increasing access to CenteringPregnancy is to improve maternal health and wellness outcomes and reduce the state’s infant mortality rate. Through a cutting-edge Alternative Payment Model (APM), financial resources are being invested directly into evidence-based care to support healthcare providers already offering CenteringPregnancy care and bring new providers onboard to reach more families.

Clinical practices offering CenteringPregnancy group prenatal care model in Ohio qualify for increased billing rates under updated codes for group pregnancy education since the beginning of the, 2022. Centering practices could receive an average of $450 more per patient participating in CenteringPregnancy groups when compared to patients receiving prenatal care through individual visits.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions and contact us at ohio@centeringhealthcare.org for more information. Media inquiries email media@centeringhealthcare.org


"Centering Healthcare Institute applauds the leadership of the Ohio Department of Medicaid and Governor DeWine’s Children’s Initiative in expanding support for pregnant people with the introduction of the impactful Maternal and Infant Support Program (MISP). Expanding access to CenteringPregnancy group prenatal care aligns beautifully with the goals of the MISP and Governor DeWine’s initiative. The robust evidence base for CenteringPregnancy shows that CenteringPregnancy results in healthier pregnancies, improved birth outcomes and a better overall experience for birthing people and healthcare providers. It supports the state’s goals to reduce infant mortality rates and further, to eliminate the stark disparities in birth outcomes between Black and white birthing people by 2030."

Angie Truesdale, CEO, Centering Healthcare Institute

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