Centering Leader Kit

One of our Centering partners recently described this as the "box of fun” and we agree that this kit will provide you with all of the tools you’ll need to lead informative, engaging and fun Centering groups!

The Leader Kit was recently updated with input from many experienced Centering facilitators. Our intention was to be mindful of designing components that can be used for a variety of activities and within many types of Centering groups, including CenteringPregnancy, CenteringParenting and CenteringHealthcare. You'll find new cards and activities to explore a range of topics. Also included are tools to help manage your group, redirect difficult conversations or change the energy in your group.

More information
  • Inclusive language and images on all of the new components
  • English, Spanish and graphic prompts, for use with many populations and levels of literacy
  • Customizable write-in cards that are fun, easy and eco-friendly
  • A cool new spinner replacing the feelings dice, that can be used with a variety of activities
  • A home safety poster for thoughtful safety discussions
Price: $300.00
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We've included our tried-and-true methods for engaging your Centering group participants in a way that no other group care model does. Your Leader Kit includes a variety of facilitation tools and updated topic cards:

Comfort Measures
Common Discomforts
Family Planning
Mental Health
Personal Goals
Baby Care and Safety
Intimate Partner Violence
Oral Health

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