CenteringPregnancy® Facilitator's Guide

This facilitator guide will accompany you throughout your Centering journey and will be your go-to resource for planning, learning and inspiration.

The new guide is organized in three sections:

Facilitative leadership
: Facilitation is the key to group engagement, interest and interaction. Included are gentle reminders of the skills and strategies presented in your Basic Facilitation Workshop, tips for managing group dynamics and difficult conversations and evaluation tools.

The group experience
: You’ll find detailed guidance to plan and lead your Centering sessions, including assessments, Conversation Starters, openings, mindfulness exercises, activities and closings. These suggestions are flexible, easily adapted and can be used to explore a wide variety of topics in your Centering groups.

CenteringPregnancy session outlines: Centering facilitators, especially new facilitators, appreciate this guidance when planning their initial groups. You’ll find a wealth of suggestions for Conversation Starters, discussion topics and activities.

More information
  • Revised 2017 edition highlighting the wisdom of facilitators from CenteringPregnancy groups across the U.S.
  • Includes Conversation Starter pages that have been updated with inclusive language and graphic images
  • 240 pages, spiral bound
Price: $75.00
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