Cen­ter­ing Practices

Dimock Health Center (Boston, MA)

Statewide Networks

We sup­port local Cen­ter­ing com­mu­ni­ties to improve prac­tice and advo­cate for pay­ment reform and oth­er mean­ing­ful pol­i­cy change. 

CenteringConnects ™ Online Community

Cen­ter­ing­Con­nects is your vir­tu­al Cen­ter­ing com­mu­ni­ty. Share group facil­i­ta­tion tips, learn about Cen­ter­ing events in your area, and so much more. 

Providers and patients love Centering!

Centering at Ochsner St. Charles Clinic Uptown

North Dakota - Outstanding Rural Health Program: CenteringPregnancy

TCNY 2020 | Group Prenatal Programs Promote Healthy Childhoods

Ciara's Story | The Kraft Center for Community Health

Kaiser Waipio Centering Pregnancy

LSU Centering

CenteringPregnancy Einstein Health

Fated Friendship - South Dakota on Purpose

Kaiser Permanente Centering Pregnancy - San Jose

Interested in starting a Centering network or joining one near you?

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