Look­ing to Start Centering?

Open Oppor­tu­ni­ties for In-Kind Ser­vice Awards

The Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI) has launched an aggressive plan to expand access to the Centering model of group healthcare in communities where group care can have the greatest impact.

We understand the challenges faced by practices when starting and establishing a Centering practice and recognize that availability of funds is often a common obstacle confronted by sites. To help offset some of the financial barriers, CHI offers a number of in-kind service awards comprised of customized implementation support and facilitation training packages to sites interested in starting Centering. These awards are categorized by criteria, Centering model and geography.

See our complete list of open opportunities below to apply. Please note these are not monetary awards, but the awarding of in-kind services. A site can apply to only one program and these awards cannot be combined.

Spon­sored Oppor­tu­ni­ties by State

Implementation Support of CenteringPregnancy in Maryland

CHI will sup­port the expan­sion of Cen­ter­ing­Preg­nan­cy in Mary­land to four new prac­tice loca­tions in sup­port of its effort to improve out­comes with the Cen­ter­ing mod­el of group care. Pref­er­ence will be giv­en to enti­ties that pro­vide clin­i­cal care to pre­dom­i­nant­ly Med­ic­aid, char­i­ty care, and/​or unin­sured patients (e.g., FQHCs, com­mu­ni­ty health cen­ters, hos­pi­tal-based clin­ics, etc.). 

The Burke Foundation

This ini­tia­tive seeks to strength­en mater­nal, infant and child health in New Jer­sey and CHI will offer up to 10 imple­men­ta­tion awards per year to help clin­i­cal prac­tices imple­ment the Cen­ter­ing­Par­ent­ing and/​or Cen­ter­ing­Preg­nan­cy mod­els for the next five years. Pri­or­i­ty will be giv­en to Fed­er­al­ly Qual­i­fied Health Cen­ters (FQHCs), com­mu­ni­ty health cen­ters and hos­pi­tal-based clin­ics com­mit­ted to improv­ing health and well­be­ing by trans­form­ing care in geo­graph­ic areas with poor mater­nal and pedi­atric out­comes, where Cen­ter­ing could have the great­est impact.

Health Care Service Corporation

CHI will offer upto 30 Imple­men­ta­tion Awards to help clin­i­cal prac­tices imple­ment the Cen­ter­ing­Preg­nan­cy care mod­el. The ser­vice awards are avail­able for all Fed­er­al­ly Qual­i­fied Health Cen­ters (“FQHCs”) and/​or Indi­an Health Ser­vices (“IHS”) prac­tice loca­tions across HCSC’s five states includ­ing: Illi­nois, Mon­tana, New Mex­i­co, Okla­homa, and Texas.

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